Directorate of Academic Affairs


The University Council, at its Statutory Meeting of 5th October, 2006 approved the establishment of Directorate of Academic Affairs and some other Directorates in the Registry.

The Directorate of Academic Affairs is to assist the Registrar oversee the affairs of Senate, Admissions, Examinations and Academic Records of the University. The Directorate is also designed to assist Registrar in the organization and implementation of all activities in respect of University ceremonies in terms of Matriculation, Orientation and Convocation as well as compilation of inaugural lectures, University Annual lectures and other updates in respect of such ceremonies.

Besides, the Directorate is responsible to Registrar on all other matters that are reasonably incidental to Academic Matters in the University and all other duties that may be assigned by the Registrar and Vice-Chancellor, at any point in time.


At its commencement in 2017, the Directorate has three main Units viz:

  • Admissions Unit
  • Senate Matters Unit
  • Examinations and Records Unit
  • Mr. G. O.Ajayi, Mrs. J. N. Oseromi and Mr. T. A. Obanewa and Mr. I. A. Fafila served meritoriously and respectively as Heads of these Units.

    Following some developments and reorganisation in the Registry and as approved by Vice-Chancellor in July 2019, Mr. I. A. Fafila took over the leadership of Examination and Records Unit while Mr. T. A. Obanewa took over the leadership of Archival Unit of the Registry. However in September 2020, Mr. Adebayo O. S. was posted as Head of Unit to Exams and Records while Mr. Fafila took over the leadership of the Directorate of Vice-Chancellor’s Office.

    The Directorate witnessed another change in its organisation as the Vice-Chancellor approved that both Admissions and Senate Matters Units be merged as Senate Matters and Admissions Unit. Therefore at present the Directorate is having two major Units:

  • Senate Matters and Admissions Unit and
  • Examinations and Records Unit.
  • Both Units were respectively headed by Mr. G. O. Ajayi and Mr. O. S. Adebayo.